MiDNP Wiggio Site

Strength lies within the DNP groups’ ability to disseminating information quickly and to include as many DNPs and DNP students as possible.
The Wiggio site
  • provides a means of MiDNP communication by way of on-line resources
  • allows members to post events (that automatically populate a calendar)
  • provides an area to upload files and make to-do lists
  • is a place you can arrange meetings
  • has the capabilities to create surveys
  • provides an area for a discussion thread and a chat room 
  1. Create a free account by going to www.wiggio.com
  2. ‘sign up now’  - top of page
  3. click on ‘join a group’ at the top of the page
  4. use any of the 'contact' forms on this site to request the group name/password

The Wiggio website has ‘feed’ ‘folder’ and ‘calendar’ tabs. The ‘feed’ tab allows blog or twitter type posts and the folder allows you to attach meeting minutes, posters etc. Take a look what’s happening in the Wiggio site – feel free to add your information.

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